The Borak Family

We FELL in love. Naturally, we took the next step and got engaged. We began planning our DREAM wedding.
On February 28, 2015, we officially got married. We celebrated our union at Chateau Cocomar and enjoyed our PERFECT wedding we family and friends!
Punta Cana gave us the perfect honeymoon to begin our lives together!!!
As we celebrated our one year anniversary at a romantic hotel….we realized we were pregnant!!!
As we prepared for the new addition to our lives…we continued to create good memories and enjoy each others company.
On October 22, 2017, Bentley Austin Borak was born and he became our little angel!
We love Bentley and cherished every moment of his infancy…and now we are preparing for our second surprise.
Bentley continues to grow. He gained a baby cousin, beautiful Shay and started talking a whole lot.
The three of us now wait to find out, will Bentley have a little brother or a little sister? We cannot wait for the reveal.